• I was infected with Covid along with all my whole family
    We need a healing miracle today
    Please pray for us, that we can be healed in the name of Jesus
  • I am starting a website ministry for prayers for the those who are suffering from chronic illness and contemplating suicide. I am not tech savvy and am new to creating websites. I need prayer that God will guide me or send someone to help me set up the WP prayer page on my website. Thank you and God bless you.
  • I pray for a speedy recover for my Minister, Christopher Ian Chenoweth.
  • that a negative evil spirit is removed from the spine of my back perementley and good, that my grandmother Verna learns to forgive herself and those of her past too, and that she allows God to through her and change her for the better good to where she can become the person who he wants her to be, and that my auntie Nicole learns to open her heart up and forgive me for that situation that happened not so long ago with the food when through she might have seen as me being ungrateful. I just know in myself that I should not have got upset in the first place knowing it was just a big misunderstanding which can easily be fixed. That Christian faith publishing accepts my book and is willing to pu
    1. Alberto

      Be free in the powerful name of Jesus The Lord have plans for peace for you and not for evil I pray for you in the name of Jesus