Ecclesiastes 7:20 (NLT)

Not a single person on earth is always good and never sins.

A lot of times we beat our self up because we’ve made a mistake, a bad decision or just can’t seem to get it together. We often find it difficult to forgive ourselves for many reasons. Don’t be overly hard on yourself. Yes, God wants us to walk in His ways and take on His characteristics but He also knows that we are human. He already knows we will mess up from time to time or even find ourselves in the same cycle of sin. That’s why He sent Jesus. Just to save us from our sins. We will all have our bad days from time to time and that’s okay. Don’t let people hold you up on this holy pedestal as if you are perfect and never have any faults. They are only setting you up for failure. We are human. There is only one perfect man who walked this earth and His name is Jesus. We strive towards perfection but we won’t get there until we reach heaven. Take it one day at a time and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you all the way. When you fall, get right back up and go at it again. Endurance is the key to this Christian race.


Father, help me to endure on this Christian journey. Help me not to think to highly of myself or to let anyone put me where you are. I shall strive daily to have more of your characteristics and I need the Holy Spirit to help me along the way. When I fall, help me to get back up and to keep on pressing my way. Thank you for not giving up on me but always being there when I need you. In Jesus name, amen!