2 Chronicles 31:21 (NLT)

In all that he did in the service of the Temple of God and in his efforts to follow God’s laws and commands, Hezekiah sought his God wholeheartedly. As a result, he was very successful.

King Hezekiah did the opposite of his father, King Ahaz. In the first month of his reign, Hezekiah reopened the temple. He boldly told the priests and Levites that the anger of the Lord was upon them because their ancestors did evil in the sight of the Lord. He also told them to purify themselves and the temple. Hezekiah was determined not to walk in their footsteps but to do what was right in God’s eyes.

Hezekiah had to say to himself, it’s all or nothing. He made a choice not to follow after his own father because he knew he was in the wrong. He set out to make a covenant with the Lord in hopes that His anger would turn away from them. He encouraged the priests and Levites to take their rightful place in the temple and lead the people in worship. In other words he told them, it’s all or nothing.

Today we have to make that same choice. Are we going to give God all of us or none of us? He is a jealous God and He will not share us with anyone or anything. What is hindering you from going all out for Him? What have you allowed to steal your quiet time with Him? What has silenced your worship at home? What has stolen your praise from Him? What is distracting you from hearing Him clearly?

God wants us to withhold nothing from Him! God is waiting on our complete yes! God is waiting on our total obedience! It’s all or nothing!

Father, help me to give You all of me. I desire to give myself to You but I sometimes allow fear and what others may say to hinder me. I allow my past to stop me. I allow my current situations to be my excuse. I’ve fallen and can’t seem to get back up. I’ve even allowed the lies of the enemies to stop me but today Lord I rededicate myself to You. I choose to give You all of me and not just part of me. I realize that I am nothing without You! Holy Spirit breathe in me, live in me and reign in me! In Jesus’ name, amen!